A New Beginning

Hello there, and welcome to my blog. Here I will blog about life, random stuff, and tell you little stories my brain might just suddenly conjure. But, alas, I will start this off with the boring stuff.. Just a few facts about myself, don’t want to bore you on my first blog, now, do we?? First of all.. I am 16, my favorite color is black and I adore reading. I’ve tried blogging before, but I could never stick with it. My writing skills are far from great, and my cat is grey..
I’m guessing you all are wanting a name to call me by.. You can call me whatever you deem fit, though I will give you what some others seem to call me.. Let me see.. There’s Ghost, Darcy, and Eleniel, although none of those are my real name.. I believe that is okay, because you still have the option to call me something completely different.
I’ll stop this particular blog here and, who knows, you might hear from one again sometime soon. (;

~That new blogger from down the street.